Nestled on a hillside less than 10 miles south of the historic Mason-Dixon line, you'll find a quaint, little family farm known as Little Creek Meadows that offers a peaceful escape from the hectic pace of today's modern society.  On a quest to return to a simpler way of life, Dawn & Joe Bero established this family farm in Spring, 1997.


The pastures are filled with a wide array of grazing animals that includes Llamas, Alpacas, Goats, Sheep, and Hogs while the barnyard is speckled with Chickens, Turkeys, Guineas and Rabbits. All of these animals have the freedom to graze in the fresh air and are expected to bask in the sunshine at their own whim. In an effort to create a self-sustaining lifestyle, the Bero Family optimizes the natural instincts of each animal to contribute towards the success of the farm.

It doesn't matter which way you turn, you can soak in the scenic view: a crop field, a forest, a meadow, a pasture, a pond or a creek.  The sunset vistas from the pasture are absolutely idyllic.


The farm's motto, "Farming as if Nature Matters" is taken to heart and serves as the mantra for each member of the family.  We respect God's role as the Creator of our surroundings and we try to repay him for our blessed life by caring for the small piece of 'heaven on earth' that he has provided to us. 


C'mon in...the back door is always open.  Just leave your shoes in the mud room, fill your mug with something sweet and settle in for a peek at life in the country with the Bero Family and their menagerie of animals at...




4327 Federal Hill Road
Street, MD 21154-1124

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