In Spring 2005, Joe & Dawn attended a 2-day CAMELIDynamics Basics Clinic with Marty McGee Bennett at A Paca Fun Farm in Mt. Airy, MD.  Three llamas from Little Creek Meadows volunteered to attend the clinic also: 'Miss Alissa', 'Roscoe' & 'Llaney'.  Here are some photos of Marty working with some of our animals.  On the left, Marty has haltered 'Miss Alissa' and is leading her through the labyrinth using start & stop signals.  On the right, Marty has 'Roscoe' in a catch pen with other llamas to be haltered - the catch rope has just been placed around his neck.



Now that Joe & Dawn have been instructed to use the CAMELIDynamics handling techniques, life at LCM is forever altered for the better - much, much better.  We are hooked on the philosophies of the CAMELIDynamics approach to llama and alpaca handling.  All of the herd management tasks are now virtually stress-free for everyone, especially the llamas and alpacas.

As part of our commitment to CAMELIDynamics, every new owner of a Little Creek Meadows llama or alpaca will be provided with Marty's book,  The Camelid Companion, along with a Zephyr halter, a catch rope, a Tteam wand and a personal lesson from Dawn & Joe in the basic handling techniques.

To further develop her skill set, Dawn also attended a 4-day Advanced Clinic with Marty at her ranch in Bend, Oregon in August.  Already, the results have been phenomenal!  Dawn is showing off her certificate of achievement with Marty below..





The guiding principles for working with llamas and alpacas the CAMELIDynamics-way are:

              • Kind
              • Respectful
              • Effective
              • Fun

If this describes the way your want your relationship to be with your llamas and alpacas, regard CAMELIDynamics as the system for you. Find a Camelidynamics Clinic in your area or get The Camelid Companion, the comprehensive guide to training and handling llamas and alpacas. You'll be on the way to a better relationship working with llamas and alpacas. 

Please feel free to contact Little Creek Meadows with any questions regrading CAMELIDynamics.  If we are unable to answer your questions completely, we'll be sure to get the answer for you.


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