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This page serves as a quick overview of the many and varied animals cared for at Little Creek Meadows.  Links will be added soon so you may learn more about a particular animal.

Be sure to put your muck boots on and grab some gloves before you head out to explore the farm!




Llamas: The herd totals approximately 30+ currently which includes 5 herdsires and 1 gelding.  Native to mountainous areas, these creatures  love being on "higher ground" so the pasture hill is a favorite spot. 



Alpacas: We have both huacaya and suri alpacas.  The 4 geldings are kept with the llamas.  Their fleece is just amazingly soft and colorful. 



angoraAngora Goats: We have white and colored goats. 'Mr. Boyfriend' is our proud buck (not shown here).  He is charcoal colored and sports a fine curly coat.  These friendly little goats love attention but watch out for those horns!


katahdinKatahdin Sheep: Our flock will double it's size by the end of spring.  Named after Mt. Katahin in Maine, these sheep are considered 'Hair Sheep' because they do not need to be sheared, they shed their winter wool like hair.


hogHogs: The piglets arrive at the farm in late spring and fall.  They are kept on pasture and encouraged to dig up whatever they find.  They love a good scratch behind the ear.



BB TurkeyTurkeys: You'll typically find several Heritage Breeds wandering about the farmyard.  If you're able to perfect your gobble, they'll honor you with a response.  Be warned, these birds are not shy...they'll follow you everywhere!



RoosterChickens:  Every farm should have some chickens pecking about the place.  At LCM, you'll find a wide variety of Heritage Breeds in the henhouse.  The nesting boxes are full of a all sorts of egg colors and sizes.


guineaGuineas:  The loudest noise on the farm comes from these unique birds.  They serve as the farm watchdogs by calling: Buckwheat! Buckwheat!  We keep them around because they eat ticks (blech!).


Bunnies.jpgRabbits: LCM is home to a couple of Mini-Rex does right now.  Hopefully, more will be here soon!  They are kept in a hutch during the winter and given access to a ground pen during nicer weather.



MousseFarm Dog:  No farm would be complete without the loyal companionship of a dog.  Mousse is a chocolate labrador retriever with a lot of heart and a laid back spirit.  He has made friends with all of the farm animals and will be sure to win you over too.  The only problem with Mousse is that he thinks he's a lap dog despite the fact that he's about 100 pounds.



chance.jpgBarn Cats: If  there is a barn with feed nearby, there will surely be mice around.  What better way to balance the numbers than to keep some barn cats?  At LCM, feral cats are rescued and brought here to become barn cats where they are given a safe home and a steady meal.  Some stray cats seem to find our barn by chance, like this calico (whom we named 'Chance').


We are hoping to add some Dexter cattle in the near future and possibly a Jenny.

Stay tuned!






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