Essential Details About Our Shipping Methods

  1. All shipping is through USPS. If the Post Office does not ship directly to your home address, and you use a P.O. Box, please include that with your order.
  2. Know your zone! All irises should be planted at least six weeks before the first frost. It will help the roots get established to allow for proper growth in the spring.
  3. Check when your location typically gets its first frost. Please note that we do not ship to Hawaii, and irises do not grow well in Florida. We cannot guarantee any plants shipped to Florida.
  4. If you are ordering cards and iris, please note that they will ship separately. Cards ship out within 48 hours of your order. One box will ship first class mail unless an upgrade is requested. Two or more boxes will automatically ship regular priority mail. Overnight and expedited shipping is available for all cards at an additional cost.

Bearded Iris Plants

Bearded iris is only shipped during late summer. We ensure the plants are harvested at the best time to ensure they arrive healthy and ready for planting at the time best suited for your region.

Review the growing zones for optimal planting time for your flowers. If you would like to request a shipping date based on your availability, please let us know at checkout, and we will gladly accommodate you.

All orders placed earlier in the year are considered pre-orders and will ship out during the correct time frame.


Order Cutoffs for Safe Shipping of Iris

Alaska: July 31

North Eastern and North Central States (Zones 3, 4): August 31

Midwest (Zones 5, 6): September 7

South Central, and Western States (Zones 7, 8, 9): September 15